Vivienne Saunders Designer and Maker
I was employed by the NHS and have held positions where I have not only been able to help and support clients with mental health problems but have also been able to work in a creative environment.  During this time I taught pottery in the Occupational Therapy department for the purpose of assessment and monitoring in a secure and theraputic setting. I have been involved in a number of Art for Health projects working with hospital clients making ceramics to create a sensory garden and again with clients creating decorative ware for the hospital restaurant.  A further project involving photography and ceramics, caled “Water Reflection and Light” enabled clients to help improve a linked corridor between two wards. I have also taught recreational ceramics at a local college which included studio management, firing and general administration. When I retired I decided to study for a Design and Applied Arts (Ceramics) degree at Wolverhampton University to further extend my knowledge.  I graduated in 2014 with a first class BA (Hons). Awards 2014 - The Potclays Award for Excellence in Ceramics Publications I was part of a large major European Project - Creativity in the Bronze Age (CinBA) which gave me the opportunity to publish my experiments and research based on creativity and craft production in the middle and late Bronze Age.  I also created contemporary forms for this project with clear articulated inspiration based on a Bronze Age artifact.  The CinBA project is featured in an online internet gallery. Membership I am a member of the Midlands Potters Association